Sunday School

Sundays 9am-11am

At STRAITWAY TO HEAVEN CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, we offer bible based classes for young people ages 2 to 18. Youth learn more about the word of God and how to apply it to their lives. They also attend occasional field trips and events, participate in biblical programs and plays, and enjoy recreational activities. Breakfast and lunch are provided. Transportation is also provided for youth that want to attend.


Youth Night

Wednesdays- 8pm

Youth night is a time for young people to come together and fellowship with one another, discuss challenges, and learn strategies to overcome obstacles in a Godly manner. Youth also enjoy bible based games, engage in fun lesson based activities, have movie nights, pizza parties, and more.


Liturgical Dance

Worship Ministry


Youth Choir

Youth choir is another opportunity for youth to engage in the service

of the Lord, get them involved, and give them a worship experience.

Jesus said, Out of the mouth of babes comes perfect praise. Matthew 21:16