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Pastor Dr. Sharon M. Lee

The Straitway congregation comes together before God under the guidance of Dr. Sharon M. Lee. A passionate leader, a beacon of knowledge, and a spiritual guide we’re proud to call our Pastor. She is recognized as an outstanding leader in the city of Springfield as she furthers the legacy and ministry founded by she and her husband, the late Pastor Charlie J. Lee Jr. in August 1992.

Under the leadership of Pastor Sharon Lee since 2006, the Straitway to Heaven parish and its volunteers continue to be an invaluable community resource, and has through the years hosted youth programs and activities, meal programs, GED prep classes, emergency food services and shelter, and a scholarship, administered by Springfield Technical Community College.


Pastor Lee has worked tirelessly to further Straitway's mission to minister to people while also assisting the disadvantaged. She received an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from the National Theological Seminary of Commonwealth University in September 2010 in recognition of her ministry-oriented accomplishments, achievements, and service to the community. She was also awarded the Jennie K. Cox Humanitarian Award for “Impacting the Community for [God’s] Glory”, as many have profited from her ministry. She was also acknowledged for her work in the city by Mayor Sarno, who named December 15 "Pastor Lee Day".

Pastor Lee has made significant contributions to the community through hard work, dedication, and love for people. She demonstrates the character of Christ and exudes the true meaning of a faithful servant of God.

Our Pastor: Our Pastor
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